About Me

Joanna Pęgier – painting, digital art, photograpy. She creates her art and works in Warsaw, Poland. She is a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts -Open Academy, painting studio of Prof. A. Węgłowski, a member of the International Association of Art UNESCO and the Association of Visual Artists.
She is a winner of art competitions, especially laureate of  Bruxelle Art Vue Prize Fall 2022 for Best Painting Series. Participant of numerous Polish and international art shows (New York, Madrid, Rome, Brussels, Genova, Luxemburg, Nantes, Berlin, Monachium). Member of artistic team.

Represented by Canadian Artio Art Gallery and Italian  Context Art Gallery.

Her paintings disclose intimate relations at the borders of fantasy and reality, nature and humanity. In recent years, she has been passionate about abstract painting, and among her achievements so far are also surreal works and portraits. Oil  and Digital Art are currently Joanna Pęgier’s favorite painting technique. She is an active participant in national and international exhibitions, open-air events. Her works are in private collections in Poland and abroad.

Selected exhibitions


2022- Bruxelles Art Vue Prize Fall 2022 catallogue, 1 prize for Best Painting Series

2021- Bruxelle Art Vue, “Limitless Nature” edition, international art catalog

2021- Catalog of the International Biennale Quadro Art

2021- Album of the Open Academy of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

2021- Catalog of the Association of Artists and Designers

2020- Album of the Open Academy of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

2019- “Woman” competition folder

2019- Album of the Open Academy of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

2018- “Woman” competition folder

1996- Graphic design of the book “Pożegnanie z Jatą”

2024- “Black&White Photograpy 2023. International Photo Eshibition”, Contest Finalist, Stockholm, Sweden

2023- Miami Art Week 2023, RedSpot, Miami Beach, USA

2023- Paris Carrousel du Louvre artshow, Paris France

2023- “Multiversum” PT Duo Art, solo artshow, Warsaw, Poland

2023- New York Expo, Sohotel Gallery, Manhattan, New York, USA

2023- National Etnographic Museum, “In etno colours”, Warsaw, Poland 

2023-  Swissartexpo the Art Festival, Zurich, Switzerland

2023- 100 ans de l’immigration polonaise en France, Coueron, France

2023- Contemporary Art Exhibition,  Cipriarte Venezia Gallery, Italy

2023- International Biennale Quadro Art 2023, Łódź Philharmonic, Poland

2023- “Brochazos de Frescura” Gaudi Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2023-  Casa del Arte Gallery, Pallma del Mallorca, Spain

2023- “Art Expo Algavre”, Gaudi Art Gallery, Portimao, Portugal

2023- “Booming Contemporary Art Show”, Context Art Gallery, Bologne, Italy

2023- “Feel”, Metaverse  exhibition, Art Maison Gallery, Italy

2022- Salon International GANFA 2022, Nantes,  France. Distinction in competition.

2022- “Was uns bewegt…”, Kunstforum KUBIZ, Monachium

2022- “Contexts. Conotations. Corelations”,  Apteka Sztuki Gallery, Warsaw

2022- “Spiegelung von Emotionen”, SprachCafe Polonish, Berlin

2022- “Ca, c’est la Pologne!”, Fête de l’Europe, Maison de l’Europe , Nantes, France

2022- “Study of Colour”, Gepetto Art Space, Warsaw, solo exhibition

2022- “Homo Sum”, Center of Creativity Targowa, Warsaw

2022- “Stream you dream”, solo exhibition, Elektrownia Powiśle, Warsaw

2022- 100th Anniverssairy of International Fair & World Press Photo 2022, “6 glances on Art”, Poznań

2022- Arte Genova 2022, International Art Fairs, Italy

2022- “Vive la couleur”, Ancien Cinema, Luxemburg

2022- “Limitless Nature”, G3 Contemporarty Art Gallery, Brussels

2022- Warsaw, “With passion”, Elektrownia Powiśle

2021- Rome, International Art Fair 2021, Gallery Medina, Rome, Italy

2021- BruxellesArtVue EXPO, G3 Art Contemporain Gallery, Brussels

2021- “Parallel Worlds”, solo exhibition, Elektrownia Powiśle, Warsaw

2021- International Biennale Quadro Art 2021, Łódź Philharmonic, 

2021- “Thoughts and feelings”, exhibition of the Association of Visual Artists, CK Wilanów, Warsaw

2021- “Woman”, exhibition of the Association of Visual Artists, Poznań

2021- Bielska Jesień Biennale 2021, Virtual gallery.

2021- “Here we are”, Exhibition ZAP OM, Elektrownia Powiśle, Warsaw

2021- Śmigiel’s windmills, Śmigiel Center of Culture, permanent exhibition

2021- Post-open-air exhibition of the Association of Visual Artists, Śmigiel

2021- “Old Architecture of Wielopolski” exhibition of the Association of Visual Artists, Śrem Museum, Śrem

2021- “Little dreams in large spaces” Gallery “Fabryczka”, exhibition of the Association of Visual Artists, Wołomin near Warsaw

2021- “She and He”, Painting and Photography Exhibition of the Association of Visual Artists, DK “Polan Sto”, Poznań.

2021- Yicca. International Contest of Contemporary Art, Virtual Gallery.

2021- Polish National Painting Exhibition “Women’s World-space”, Gallery of Art Exhibitions OKNO, Stara Iwiczna near Warsaw.

2019- Post-plein-air exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts, Open Academy under the supervision of prof. Apoloniusz Węgłowski, Warsaw.

2019- Competition Exhibition, National Art Competition “Woman, CK Raszyn near Warsaw.

2018- Academy of Fine Arts- Summer Academy, Atrium Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw

2018 – Competition Exhibition, National Art Competition “Woman, CK Raszyn near Warsaw

2018- Exhibition of the Drawing and Painting Studio under the supervision of Anna Sołtysiak, Center of Culture Center, ul. Foksal, Warsaw

2017- Exhibition of a creative group under the direction of Tomasz Sosnowski, ArtBem, Warsaw


2022- I Prize, Best Painting series, Bruxelles Art Vue, Bruxelles, Belgium.
Distinction, Salon International GANFA 2022, Nantes,  France. 
2022- Distinction, Year Prize of Foundation Art Vue, Warsaw, Poland.
2019- II Prize, National Art Competition “Woman, CK Raszyn, Poland.
2018- Distinction, National Art Competition “Woman, CK Raszyn, Poland.